3 Key On-Chain Metrics

How would you evaluate the crypto market?

Why do we get nervous as soon as we buy a new cryptocurrency? Is it inevitable? We offer exclusive data and flexible tools which have been extensively used and tested by crypto hedge funds.

To begin with, learn 3 essential on-chain data that other traders leverage to predict future value. Take a look to see how it can help you reduce risk and build an edge.

1. All Miner’s Outflow

Prepare for price drops and corrections by monitoring all miner's outflows

Mining pools play an important role in the bitcoin network as they are in charge of supplying new BTC from mining proceeds, but they can also trigger the price to drop when they send large amounts of BTC to exchanges at once. If you monitor all miner's outflow data, you can prepare for downside price risk. CryptoQuant offers all miners' data at block-level, from the genesis block to the most recent block.

2. All Exchanges Reserve

Forecast long-term value, using available supply, with exchanges' reserve data

All exchanges reserve refers to the supply of cryptocurrencies. All exchanges reserve is an important indicator to determine the future value of cryptocurrencies, based on the supply within exchanges, and is being used as a precedent indicator of price changes.

3. Supply Adjusted CDD

Enhance your strategy by observing long-term holders’ actions

Coin Days evaluates the number of coins that are not being spent, which gives more weight to estimate long-term-holder(LTH) position. When that coin is spent, the coin is considered "destroyed," and is being updated in CryptoQuant's Coin Days Destroyed(CDD) metric. CDD is the sum of products of spent transaction output alive days and its value.

Upon CDD, Supply Adjusted Coin Days Destroyed (CDD) is calculated by adjusting CDD for total supply. It is calculated as the value of CDD divided by total supply. CDD is adjusted for better tracking of long-term holders.

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