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We know that crypto market analysis is difficult for investors. CryptoQuant operates Quicktake bulletin to lower the hurdles for retail investors by providing simple, comprehensible real-time market analysis. Quicktake is a platform where talented analysts worldwide utilize different data to analyze the market and share insights.

Learn how to make better use of professional analysts' real-time market analysis through this mail.

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How to use Quicktake better

  1. Check the tags to save your time! #Bullish: Analysis that predicts the price rise #Bearish: Analysis that predicts the price fall #On-chain analysis: Analysis based on blockchain transactional data #Technical analysis: Analysis based on cryptocurrency price and trading volume #Sentiment analysis: Analysis based on market sentiment data

  2. To read previous analyses, check the profile You can read analyst's previous postings by clicking the profile

  3. Check chart images In order to fully understand the post analysis, check the supplement info in charts. Charts visualize the content that cannot be covered in the post's text

  4. Share your bias Share your thoughts on whether the posts are indicating Bullish/Bearish price actions, and also monitor general users’ sentiment

  5. Compare with live charts You can check the real-time value of the data mentioned in the posting by clicking View Live Chart. Compare the charts to see that the post's backup data is up to date.

  6. Save posting

If you click "Like," the post would be saved in your profile.

  1. Join the discussion

The comment is open for all users who want to share ideas, ask questions, or even challenge the writer’s own opinion. Learn how other users interpret data. Check our Community’s Guidelines in order to make the best out of our service.

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Further Notice

  1. More details are in CryptoQuant Quicktake

  2. The content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice

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