2. Set Alerts

Do you have a sleeping disorder after a crypto investment?

On-chain and market data's dramatic changes are often precedent indicators of market value change. However, it's impossible to track all the changes by staring at the data 24/7. If you set alerts, you can be prepared for changes in the market without monitoring them constantly. Set preset alerts recommended by CryptoQuant, or customize your alerts to get the latest data updates.

Alerts are important

The example from the above user's alert shows an over 10% price drop followed by the aSOPR alert in March. Likewise, you can also take a better position in the market without monitoring the data changes by pulling all-nighters every night.

Interested in Following Whales, ETF Flows, or Miner Behavior? Check our Analyst’s Preset Alerts

Track Whales

With one click you can subscribe to alerts following whales’ movements. Find out when smart money is moving into Bitcoin to stay ahead.

🐳 Know when Whales are Buying and Selling

Follow the ETF Flow

Bitcoin Spot ETFs are eating up the market, therefore, making sure you follow their movements is paramount to having a leg up on the market. In one click, you can follow all of our recommended preset alerts.

📈 Track Institutional Investors' ETF Inflows

Monitor Miners

Bitcoin miners can change the market. Stay informed about when they sell their Bitcoin to make smarter trades and reduce risk.

⛏️ Understand the Miners and Track their Sell-Offs

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