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1. CryptoQuant Metrics

Trusted data from on-chain data experts

CryptoQuant's pre-built metrics contain on-chain metrics and indicators to enhance investors' decision-making processes. They are easy to interpret and are served in granular resolution and accuracy.

Pre-built metrics can also be customized in the Pro Chart or Analytics Query section of the CryptoQuant platform to fit your needs.

CryptoQuant's metrics can be used for:

  • Making investment and trading decisions

  • Analyzing market status

  • Fundamental analysis

Further Notice

  1. Find out more about CryptoQuant metrics here

  2. You can find them in the Chart menu.

2. Web3 Analytics

Build custom metrics with a no-code query user experience

Web3 Analytics lets you create your own metrics with CryptoQuant's robust database in a no-code query environment.

Web3 Analytics can be used for:

  • Adjusting existing pre-metrics, or creating new custom metrics and analytics, using the built-in formula builder

  • Building asset valuation frameworks

  • Conducting risk analysis

  • Tracking blockchain, project or dapp KPIs

  • Establishing product-market-fit for a crypto project

  • Monitoring top holders and entities

  • Multi-chain analysis

Native SQL queries (BigQuery) are also available for developers / tech-savvy users.

Further Notice

  1. Find out more about Web3 Analytics here.

  2. You can find public charts and queries in the Analytics menu.

3. Data API

Flexible, real-time, institutional-grade data API

CryptoQuant provides institutional-grade APIs for both pre-built metrics and custom metrics created using the Web3 Analytics tool.

Find out more about the pre-built API in our API Docs below, and contact our sales team for custom API.

4. Insights

Explore actionable, on-chain insights

Use on-chain data, analytics and insights within your crypto research and investment workflows with the help of CryptoQuant's QuickTake, Research, and Alerts.

  1. Find more information on community-driven Quicktake here.

  2. To get CryptoQuant Research, contact our sales team.

  3. Get telegram alerts on whale movements here, and summarized insights here.

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