Deriving Insights

Don't let the inflow alert fool you

Our data provides more detail than just a ‘Big Inflow’

Imagine if you can monitor the stocks in the stock market by the holding period, holding amount, or the number of investors’ holding them. It would certainly be THE information that can enhance your stock trading strategy. This is exactly what UTxOs can offer you in the cryptocurrency market.

What’s even cooler about our new data updates? We have advanced UTxO data that’s only available on our service that can be a game-changer for your data-driven investment strategy.

Let’s dive in..

1. Check the impact of Exchange Inflow measured by the combination of Bitcoin’s amount and age

Filter all the noise that Whales are creating that may distract you

Unusual exchange inflow does not necessarily mean whales are dumping. It can be exchanges are doing a reshuffling of their wallet addresses, whales are sending their coins to take on long positions, or simply changing their storage mechanism. Exchange Inflow CDD is a subset of Coin Days Destroyed (CDD) where coins are destroyed when flowing into exchanges. This indicator is a noise-removed version of CDD where we only share the CDD that occurred for exchanges inflow.

2. Check which cohort is making the transactions

Prepare the worst-case scenario by knowing who’s ready to dump

Whale alerts can be manipulated without being supplemented by UTxO data. With the combination of flow data and UTxO data, you can have an optimized strategy by defining the purpose of the exchange flows. Unlike UTxO Bands, Exchange Inflow - Spent Output Bands focus on the UTXOs that were destroyed within the set metric window. With the help of Spent Output Age Bands, it is possible to pinpoint which UTXO Bands were destroyed and in what amount. Using this knowledge, investors can correlate any price movement or changes in the network with the action of a specific cohort.

3. Check each cohort by Bitcoin’s holding amount, or holding period

Monitor how a certain group of holders is behaving in the market

Knowing each UTxO’s age band can enable us to learn more about investors’ actions as they have entered the market at a certain price range, and possibly project the dominant expected return on their investments compared to their entry price.

Each UTxO age/value band metric allows you to learn more about certain cohort’s actions:

  1. Find out each band’s total UTxO amount to the project market cap held by each cohort.

  2. Find out each band’s realized cap which removes the UTxOs that are dormant in the market.

  3. Find out each band’s UTxO count to estimate the number of holders.

  4. Find out each band’s transaction volumes to speculate which group was behind certain price actions.

Further Notice

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