Community Guidelines

CryptoQuant Community Guidelines

Together, we’re building a data-driven investment culture.

We welcome you all to join us on our mission to break down the barriers to data-driven investing for retail investors. You are aware that there can be limitations in ape-trading, but you dare to go beyond them. By signing up to CryptoQuant, you've already made a huge step, comparable to that of Neil Armstrong's first giant leap on the moon. We’ll also support your to-the-moon journey by our institutional level of data.

Let’s make it short and simple so that you can quickly jump into the battleground.

Ground Rules

1. Join the battleground

CryptoQuant is here for any investor who would like to learn and practice data-driven investing. CryptoQuant will be the battleground where bullish and bearish opinions clash. Fight with logic, data, and facts. Please leave your emotions at the door.

For pros, your presence will shine in our CryptoQuant community if you share your thoughts backed by solid rationale, facts, and data. You don’t have to be 100% correct. It’s your logic from facts and data that is valuable. Remember, your posts and comments that you share in CryptoQuant can be viewed by millions of people and top journals.

For newbs, every question is valuable. If you’re stuck with learning and adapting to data-driven investing, CryptoQuant is the right place for you. Don't get stuck torturing yourself trying to make sense of Google's results algorithm or nonsensical Reddit posts. We want you to be a part of our mission.

2. Know the ground

We want you to have a big discussion about trading, and investing in digital assets. The topics can be as broad as NFTs, Layer 2, P2E, or other trending issues that can pull money. CryptoQuant provides market insights and data on digital assets.

3. Be concise

We know that average humans have less attention span than goldfish now. When publishing the content, making a comment, and uploading pictures, we want you to deliver a clear message on your thoughts. If you are going to start a jibber-jabber, we recommend you use your diary.

4. Be yourself

Life is too short to pretend to be others. Don't waste your time by creating a profile that is misleading your identity. Don't impersonate another individual, group, or entity (including both public and private).

5. Have your thought

‘Copy and Paste’ is just not going to happen here. We don't accept plagiarizing. If you are quoting, make sure you get the permission and properly credit the source.

6. No ADS

If you're looking for a place to promote, well, CryptoQuant isn't the place. Your posts, comments, pictures, GIFs, and even customized charts should be free from advertisements. Free from ads means no logos, no link, no references on specific websites, social media, messenger ID, and email contacts.

The only exception would be when you're quoting the reference from a specific source. Do not misuse this term as our team monitors the community on an hourly basis. We have a strong one-strike out policy for advertisement.

7. Be civil

CryptoQuant isn't the place where you mark your territory with excrement. Any unlawful, fraudulent, defamatory, harassing, threatening, infringing, abusive, obscene, misleading, inappropriate purposes, or personal attacks will be permanently banned.

8. Be open-minded

In CryptoQuant, contentious political, racial, ethical, and gender discourses are not permitted. There should be no negativity, swearing, trolling, conflict, or sharing vulgarity in any form.

9. Play fair

Did the Game Stop incident drive you nuts? Yes, we all want fair play. Don't manipulate our service with any form of reputation manipulation, including baiting/indiscriminating for likes, generating multiple accounts for boosting, and purposely terrorizing comments.

10. Watch each other's back

If you would like to report any violations of the rules, please feel free to get in touch with us through This will make our community stronger.

It's us, CryptoQuant and users together, that comprise our community to make it better. Communications between users of different backgrounds, and experiences, will lead to broader views, insights, and ultimately defined investment decisions. Let's grow together, and learn together and take that giant leap into the world of cryptoanalysis and investing!

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